2801 Series - Single Color / 2 Zones / RF PWM Controller


The 2801 Series is a range of single color / 2 zones / RF PWM LED controller.  Stylish and easy to operate, they are designed for constant voltage applications and are fully compatible with iLuXx luminaires equipped with the Lineo Drive technology.  The system consists of a controller and receiver and both must be paired to allow communication between them.


  • Reliable On/Off with soft transitions
  • Stable dimming from 0,1 to 100% range using PWM technology
  • Wireless controller (battery operated)
  • 2 zones

The 2801 Series uses Radio Frequencies (RF) for communication between the controller and receiver.  The advantages over Infra Red (IR) devices are the wider range of operation and the fact that the signal can be transmitted through walls, doors and furniture allowing a greater flexibility of installation.



Note: 1 controller can control any number of receivers and 1 receiver can be controlled by a maximum of 8 controllers



Pairing of Receiver and Controller

  • Connect the power supply and LED lights to the receiver according to the wiring diagram
  • Do a short press of the learning key button located on the receiver then quickly push the button you wish to use on the controller.  If you use the second zone, repeat the procedure using the other button of the controller.  The LED lights connected to the receiver should blink once indicating that the pairing has been successful.  Make sure the controller has a battery.


Note:  Multiple receivers can be paired to one remote control and vice versa.


Controller Functions with dial button

Single push of "l" Turns light On
Continuous push of "l" Increases the intensity
Single push of "O" Turns light Off
Continuous push of "O" Decreases the intensity
When turned off Retains last settings


Special Feature

For ease of installation our receivers are supplied with an UHB double face tape.  No screws required.  Can be removed if necessary 




Inventory status

An average order will usually ship within 5 working days.  You will receive an email confirming the delivery date and your credit card will not be charged until the order is ready to ship.  You can also check availability by email at: emorin@iluxxinc.com  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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