About Us

The iLuXx team has over 20 years experience in the design and manufacturing of innovative lighting systems and a unique expertise in LED technology.  We put our expertise at your service...

  • iLuXx offers standard lighting solutions available here online
  • iLuXx develops solutions tailored to your specific needs


Areas of expertise:

  • Transit vehicules interior lighting (buses, trains, etc.)
  • Commercial and utility vehicles interior lighting (enclosed trailer, mobile workshop, RV, etc)
  • Residential and commercial under cabinets lighting
  • Residential and commercial general lighting


Our goal at iLuXx is to use this know-how to design lighting solutions that are simple, efficient, inexpensive and meet your needs.  Our luminaires based on the Lineo Drive technology are good examples.  You can’t find quite what your looking for - Tell us about your specific needs.  We are interested and the solution may be closer than you think.


Our luminaires are designed and manufactured in Canada. We only use original components whose quality is impeccable. When we offer imported products such as controllers or power supply for example, it's because they have been tested with our luminaires and their quality (design/manufacturing) validated by our technicians. Our prices are very competitive thanks to a simplified business structure and the absence of intermediaries between us and the customer .


We have a long experience of LED lighting systems. Our products reflect that expertise and we hope you will try them.


Thank you for your trust


Eric Morin
iLuxx Lighting Inc
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