Projects - Vehicle Lighting


Project: Construction A&G Deslandes, Qc


Luminaires: S8 Series

Trailer length: 20 ft

Goal: achieve a very bright environment suitable for precision work. 

Qty of luminaires: 10 x 3ft luminaires split over 2 equal rows.

    Luminosity: 30 linear of light or 1,5 ft of light per ft of trailer (30 ft of light / 20 ft trailer) is a perfect ratio to achieve a very bright environment.  (See specsheet for typical layouts)

    Comment: the location of both light strip directly over the work area maximizes the light output where most needed and eliminates any kind of shadows.

      Luminosity: light output with 1 strip only.  Still is a bright environment.  

      Wiring style: input wires are exiting from the bottom of the luminaire and are hidden in the ceiling.  

      Electrical: dedicated to the lighting only, this set up is completely independant from the towing vehicle

      Project: Précisions Provençal Inc, Qc


      Luminaires: S8 Series

      Trailer type: mobile workshop

      Goal: achieve a very bright environment over the workbench

      Qty of luminaires: 4 x 3ft luminaires mounted under the toolboxes

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