Projects - Under Cabinet Lighting


Project: Replacement of existing under cabinet fluorescent lighting


Luminaires: UC1 Series - 126 LEDs / meter

Controller: CLK8A-SC1

Total lighting power: 41 W 

Luminaire located above the sink

The existing 120vac from previous lighting is fed directly to the power supply.

Note that a switch was connected to this circuit. The switch remains functional as it now controls the power supply and can be used as a on/off for the whole system.

Project: new installation


Luminaires: UC1 Series - 70 LEDs / meter

Controller: 2805 Series

Total lighting power: 39 W 

Example of an installation using a wall outlet over the counter to connect the power supply
In the end, everything is concealed except for the power suppy cable, still quite discreet.
Here a luminaire was installed on each side of the sink. Provides additional lighting to that area.  Clever idea.
White wire loom is used to conceal the wiring passing inside the cabinets.
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